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Thousands have learned to deal with the emotions that the thoughts bring on and challenging our faulty belief system and this is the game changer.

“I am a clinical psychologist specializing in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Sandra knows as much about the pain of experiencing symptoms of OCD and treatment with CBT as many professionals who specialize in this debilitating disorder. I commend her on her work and have no hesitation in recommending her to others."

Dr. Vivienne C. Rowan, Ph.D. │ Clinical Psychologist

“Sandra Wallace has made a huge impact on my life. I have struggled with OCD for about 15 years and have dealt with different subtypes and triggers related to my OCD. Doing the 5-week express recovery program with Sandra made the greatest impact on my mental health. I went from feeling debilitated and controlled by OCD, to having confidence in myself."

Hunter Pickering | Course achiever

“I have had the privilege of first meeting Sandra at a Best Seller On Fire Conference, in Dallas, Texas in June 2022. From the very moment that I met her, I truly felt this calm of ease come over me. She has a unique and personal way of articulating a look at life, its challenges, and its successes. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend that you contact Sandra and hire her..."

Joseph "high eagle" morsette | MSCJA, JD, LLM. #1 Best-Selling Author

"Sandra is a coach, author, speaker and seminar leader who truly cares about making a positive difference in the lives of others. She will inspire you through sharing her wisdom and personal experiences. Sandra and her strategies will stamp your spirit with an abundance of love, hope and encouragement so you can reach new levels of courage, fulfillment and personal happiness."

James malinchak│ sandra's coach

"Sandra’s program has changed my life and for the first time has made me challenge my OCD instead of living victim to it. Her insight into changing the way your brain functions is key to understanding how to beat your OCD. Her 5-week program puts you in a rhythm that then carries over into your everyday life, making it possible to overcome your thoughts..."

MELISSA | Course achiever

"My experience working with Sandra as a coach has been exceptional. I have seen a few different counsellors and psychologists over the years, but the coaching, support, and tools I received from Sandra to work through my anxiety have been far more practical and helpful than typical "therapy". I recommend her to anyone struggling with any type of anxiety."

ALLISON| Course achiever

"I really enjoyed working with Sandra. She was very thorough right from the beginning and took the time to understand all of the OCD challenges I was dealing with. Most importantly, she gave me tangible things to work on every week and I saw real progress. I felt entirely comfortable describing my behavior to her because I knew she had gone through her own challenges."

NOLAN| Course achiever

"I completed the 10 week course for my anxiety. Sandra’s personality is kind, non-judgemental, honest and inspiring. Her knowledge about anxiety helped provide me with a number of tools to use in stressful situations. She uses a number of different strategies, communication is ongoing throughout the 10 weeks and the encouragement she provides is life changing."

LAUREL| Course achiever

"I was hesitant at first about starting therapy for my OCD, but when I first talked to Sandra I felt completely at ease since she has such a warm and engaging personality. I felt comfortable opening up to her and discussing certain events that I was fixated on. I appreciated how patient and non-judgemental she was with me when life events made it difficult at times to adhere to completing exposure therapy. Sandra is very knowledgeable and has provided me with numerous tools and resources to help me overcome my OCD. I highly recommend that anyone considering starting therapy contact Sandra. I am truly grateful for everything she has done for me!"

KAILEE| Course achiever

"I have known Sandra for roughly 10 years and knew from the minute I met her, she would be in my life. I recall our first meeting and how attentive she was to me, not allowing anything external to sway her from our conversation. This trait of Sandra’s personality was not a one-time reflection, it is a part of who she is as a person. Her passion to connect with people and help them in any way she can is as genuine as her scintillating smile."


"I have had the pleasure of subcontracting Sandra to do lectures for my college in the Community Support Worker Program. Sandra was both diligent and knowledgeable about the material and was invaluable in assisting my students to take the next step in education and information to the 'next level'."


"I am privileged to have known Sandra for the last 7 yrs. It is very obvious, whether speaking in person or via phone, that Sandra’s passion for mental health shines through with every word. Sandra continues to make a difference with not just every course she delivers as a Mental Health First Aid instructor but with every interaction, she has with others."


As an inpatient psychiatrist, I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Wallace in a variety of clinical settings including acute care and psychiatric rehabilitation. She has demonstrated a dedication to prioritizing the patient’s needs and applying her professional knowledge and skills. Her gentle temperament is an attribute that does not go unnoticed."

Dr. Roger Graham M.D. │ FRCPC Psychiatry

“I have been teaching along with Sandra for over 6 years. She's not only an amazing teacher but an amazing mentor to her co-facilitators. Sandra speaks from the heart and isn't afraid of using personal experiences to ramp up the learning experience for her students. Sandra is very professional, yet personable. She understands the importance of adult learning and how it requires a lot of flexibility and preparation. She can go with the flow and change up her curriculum when need be. I always look forward to when I get to teach with Sandra.”

Lacey| Healthcare Professional

"Sandra's way of teaching and delivering the message is really attractive. She uses all possible tools to do it -videos, leaflets, and references. She gets everybody to share in - playing games that facilitate understanding and an enriched learning experience. Sandra’s voice modulations eliminate any chance of monotony while drawing attention. She is just so very positive, always smiling, brings pulsating energy leaving her audience enthralled.”

Mina│ Pharmacy Manager, Manitoba, Canada

"Sandra provides a simple and proven system to change your thinking and inspire belief in oneself."

Valerie Heaman | Elementary Teacher, Manitoba Canada

"Having a step-by-step approach helps to identify the signs and symptoms of OCD and therefore allows one to start challenging and facing their obsessions and compulsions."

Lauren Roskilly│ CEO & Founder of Mindful of Christ

"Sandra is so encouraging and inspiring to help others build a better life."

Dr. Irene Ching | Medical Practitioner, Property Investor & Speaker, UK

“I was just interviewed on The OCD Coach Podcast hosted by Sandra Wallace & it was a phenomenal experience! Sandra was a spectacular host. She made me feel so comfortable. She was super accommodating, gracious, professional & asked wonderful questions. I love Sandra's energy! She is truly an exceptional host & I highly recommend her as a coach & as a host!”

Jacqueline Ortiz | The Self Love Diva


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